18th May 2021

4 Qualities That Make Larkspur Baby Company Different Than All Other Brands

by Hazel Miller

4 Qualities That Make Larkspur Baby Company Different Than All Other Brands

At Larkspur Baby Company, we love everything baby! When we started this company, we wanted to make a line of products that provided babies and parents with the essentials to start their journey as a family. Learn more about our company and the main qualities that set us apart from other brands, and begin exploring our comfortable and cute baby clothes today!

1. We Care About The Planet

We value the condition of the planet that we call home, and we want your little ones to be able to enjoy it! We are taking steps toward sustainability, and we will always do our best to bring you products that are environmentally friendly. For instance, we no longer package our products in poly bags, and have moved to eco-friendly paper, which decomposes much more quickly.

2. Bamboo

Most plants and fibers take many years to grow and allow you to safely harvest them to make material for clothing. They also need to be replanted and replenished once they are depleted. Bamboo is different! This hearty grass (yes — it’s grass!) can grow up to a yard in a single day, and is fully grown in as little as three months. It also does not require replanting as it self regenerates from its own roots. So not only is it environmentally friendly, but the materials that can be made from it end up feeling soft and gentle on the skin — perfect for babies and adults alike!

3. Quality For Price

We know that buying clothes for your little one can be a pain. You spend your money to buy an adorable onesie or outfit that they end up wearing twice before they either grow out of it or accidentally ruin it with all those messes that babies can make. That’s why Larkspur Baby Company decided to sell directly to our consumers, which allows us to sell at prices that are on average 40% to 60% lower than our competitors. We don’t want you to regret spending too much on your new little cutie, and we want them to have comfortable and adorable options for their growing months.

4. Our Bond Of Love

The larkspur flower signifies a strong bond of love, an open heart, affection, and strong attachments. That’s why we chose this flower to represent our company! Along with our namesake flower, we want to celebrate positivity and pure heart in all that we do. We want to embody the desire for joy, playfulness, and lightness, qualities that we think fully represent all things baby!

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